Policies and Reports

Subcommittee Reports
Subcommittee Report Date Approved
Course Overlap – Subcommittee Report Course Overlap – Subcommittee Report 20190423
Alternate B.S. Requirements Report Alternate BS Requirements Report 20161108
B.S. Subcommittee Report BS_Report_2007_04_24 20070424
General Education Area Requirements Report of 20131118; Guiding Principles for CLAS GE Areas 20131210
Study Abroad Final report of SA subcommittee 20140408
General Education Area Requirements Report of 20140128 20140211


Policies and Statements
CLAS Policy on Minors (Updated 2015/04/14)
Policy on Internships
Courses and Programs Originated, Proposed or Conducted, In Whole or in Part, outside the Regular CLA&S Departments of Instruction
CLAS General Education Proposal